About Vernon A. Hargrave

During my 34 years in the financial service industry, the last seven years have been devoted exclusively to serving seniors who are fully retired. Most of them are living on fixed incomes comprised of Social Security payments (many have only that to rely on!) and perhaps some small annuity or IRA account to supplement the Social Security paycheck(s). Many of them worked for a company throughout their career, and they do not receive any pension paycheck. Financially speaking, the "golden years of retirement" are somewhat "tarnished". Poor planning -- or in most cases a total lack of planning -- along with bad financial decisions and investments in a volatile market, led them to where they are today..."just getting by".

In retirement, there are two very important concerns to consider about your finances:

  1. What do you WANT your money to do?
  2. What do you NEED your money to do?

At PATHWAYS FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS LLC, we want to meet with you to find out where you are now in your "financial journey", and hear what your concerns are. We will work with you to address these concerns and design your personal PATHWAY to achieve your desired results for a secure financial future. There are no fees for our services. You bring the donuts (or sandwiches if we meet over lunch!) and we'll provide the coffee, tea, or sodas! Call for an appointment and come in soon and let's see what a difference we can help you make for your happy retirement! (By the way, I like plain cake donuts!)

Vernon Hargrave

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